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The going rate is around $140. No guarantee it will work. 2. Buy the $50 eBay hollow housing, Dremel it out, fit it to the base of my working antenna, and adhere it back onto the glass. 3. Buy the hollow housing, Dremel, and fit a known good waterproof antenna inside and place back on the glass. How to remove OnStar antenna fin on your Silverado/Sierra w/o having to remove entire headliner. Quick n Easy. Feel free to drop a like if you found this hel. Answer (1 of 8): Most car manufacturers have abandoned the “aerial” antenna — the long metal rod protruding vertically from the hood or fender of the car. The most common location is metallic traces on the rear window, just above or just below the defroster traces. If. This product replaces your existing mast but fits over the top of the existing base so the vehicle can be returned to standard if required. These fins have a flat bottom to better fit the contours of the the vehicle roof line. Mk8 Ford Fiesta (all variants except models with shark fin style aerial base, please see photographs). Shark finning is the act of removing fins from sharks and discarding the rest of the shark back into the ocean. This act is prohibited in many countries. The sharks are often still alive when discarded, but without their fins. Unable to swim effectively, they sink to the bottom of the ocean and die of suffocation or are eaten by other predators. Shark finning at sea enables fishing. Contact Us: Call only within office hours (9am-12nn & 1pm-5pm) 0998-8830816 (text only) 0917-5228882 (text only) 577-5948 (land line): Location #1052. This should get you close. Assuming by "leveling" it out, you will not raise the rear at all and also assuming a 3" lift in the front with a 126.8" wheel base, you will get a 1.3553 degree change in angle from the center of your rear wheel. since your antenna is closer to the rear wheel, it will not rise the full 3". There are two parts to this install. The first half of the install is removing the shark fin and the second half is installing the tent. If you have a 2014 - 2015, you need to pull down the headliner to loosen the shark fin nut in order to reinstall the GFC laser-cut cover on the roof. If you have a 2016 - 2020+ 4Runner, you simply cut the.

Hide your satellite antenna with this stylish “Shark Fin” Satellite Radio/GPS Antenna cover designed for your 2005 -2022 Mustang. It looks like it came installed from the factory. This antenna cover is "quick and easy" to install over your factory Satellite/GPS antenna and is held permanently in place with double sided tape. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 14, 2019. Only show this user. Hi all - My 2019 Pilot's shark fin antenna unfortunately got caught on my garage door when I was backing out recently and got banged up. I had a local body shop order and install a new OEM one. I just picked up the car and unfortunately the new one doesn't seem to be sealed to the. Joined May 2, 2010. 4,810 Posts. #2 · Jun 23, 2020. 2009 Ridgeline did not have a fin antenna. The XM antenna was a squarish shape one and 08A15-0J1-100 is the part number. It came in vehicles such as the Ridgeline, Pilot, Odyssey, Insight, CRZ, Civic and the Acura ILX. Search for the part number and you will get a bunch of results. There is a bolt that gets tightened to the bottom of the fin from under the head liner. Go in back seat and pull down the headliner in the center, two push pins will pop to make it easier, i just tightened that bolt which is a 10mm, and it sucked down the antenna. just remove that bolt to take antenna off. and unplug electrical connections. 53 Posts. #2 · Jan 18, 2020. Only show this user. When I had a roof wrap, the shop had to drop the headliner to get the shark fin off. The pulled the headliner down from the backseat hoping they could reach it with having to remove the whole liner. It worked, but then they broke the headliner and had to drop it anyway to get it replaced. As demonstrated, our antenna cavity not only provides more space for a larger number of antennas, but the directionality is also better than a ‘shark fin’ at the rear. The antennas in the ‘shark fin’ often do not provide high transmission power directly forwards because they are shielded by the curvature of the car roof. Clear P/N 10200, or equivalent, to the underside of the New replacement antenna, around the roof opening water seal, following the steps below: 4828704 4.1. Locate the roof opening water seal (1) at the center of the antenna. 4828705 Important: Ensure to keep the antenna electrical connector away from the sealer application. If sealer. Shark Fin Antenna (Dummy) - Cover Only. To Fit: Saab 9-3 1998 to 2003. Saab 9-3SS 2003 to 2012. Saab 9-5 2003 to 2010. For years we've been asked about shark fin antenna covers, previous versions we ordered and tried ourselves had poor fitment and were unusable, until now! This 3D printed cover fits over your existing worn shark fin antenna.

Engine. 5.7 Hemi. I had to replace my shark fin antenna and it was a pain. You have to pull the headliner down to gain access to the bottom of it to remove the nut holding it. There are two antenna plug pigtails that are a little tricky to get apart. If I remember right, it is just not a round hole, but has a "notch" for alignment. Metra 40-LX11 Antenna Adapter. This antenna adapter lets you connect an aftermarket receiver to the factory antenna cable in select 2009-up Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, and Scion vehicles. The adapter has a standard male Motorola plug on one end and a female molex connector on the other. Installation note: A blue wire is attached to the antenna. AutoTecknic® Shark Fin Antenna Cover (BM-0333) 0. $65.00. Pilot® Fake LED Solar Shark Fin Antenna with Reflector (IP-2210L) 0. $15.68. Pilot® Fake. Summary: On certain Sonata (LF) vehicles the "Shark Fin" antenna mounting bosses may be weakened and the cover may become loose if external force is applied. This bulletin provides the procedure to inspect and if necessary replace the "Shark Fin" antenna to correct the condition. Hide. There are two parts to this install. The first half of the install is removing the shark fin and the second half is installing the tent. If you have a 2014 - 2015, you need to pull down the headliner to loosen the shark fin nut in order to reinstall the GFC laser-cut cover on the roof. If you have a 2016 - 2020+ 4Runner, you simply cut the. I did some research and found out that I would have to pull back the headliner in the back and unscrew the nut underneath. I ended up doing that and the antenna lifted up however there was a black wire attached to it as well and I couldn't. The paint match on the white platinum is pretty damn good. Turn around time was about 10 days shipped. Customer service was awesome! They're don't list 13 Fusion but after a quick email Arthur from VG got back saying the Mark II antenna was compatible. If interested in ordering one for yourself, send an email to [email protected] to place an. 116 Posts. #14 · Aug 30, 2018. You will need to remove part of the headliner to replace the antenna. But since it needs to be replaced, may as well pay a little more and get an OEM shark fin antenna. Any from a newer model Explorer or Lincoln MKC will work, as the plugs are the same.

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